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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

(while chatting with paola......)

our 2nd trimester ended smoothly for me...

i came home last saturday ... i was so excited bout going home.. and forgot to brng my presents for my fmily and friends here... lol...

when i was in the bus together with my cousins.. i felt like doing a poem... and that's the poem i posted a while ago....

i just dont know now why i writng poems beame a hobby for me... i know im not that artistic nor good at writng.. but somehow i felt like i can express my feelings through this..

i just visited my old skul 2day... i was happy to be back.. feels like home... but my friends weren't there so i can't call it home yet....

when i was watchng jason's show, i saw fei lun hai and i saw one cute guy.. his name is arron yan or yan ya lun.. he is so adorable.. i really like his smile.. it is like.. it can melt me....

hope to see my friends before i go back to manila......

i hope tha i can inspire u with this and hope that you'll like it...

A Story of Life's Trials

While staring at the window reminicng the memories,
good or bad,
thnking of the past life
and saying how did i susrvied with all of these challenges.

with God beside her,
she became brave,
surpasng each trial that comes,
dealing with every consequence.

many doubt about her capabilities
sayng that she cant do this do that
she was hurt when she heard that
it made her confidence go down
but then she realized that she must prove them wrong.

one day, all of her hardworks paid of,
but still they said that it was not enough
she asked herslf,
"what shld i do to please them?"
a man came along and gave her hope and confidence
and inspiration.

now, she is successful
embracing each trial she passed.
She learned that trials are made to test oursleves
it may help us to be better,
or it may pull us down
but no matter what just hold on to yourself, believ in ur capabilities
and let God shine u.


Friday, November 17, 2006

yesterday ate al and i met in kfc here in taft.... we will go to sports kamp and watch purefoods' practice...

gee i was so nervous then... when we went inside the court i saw first kuya kerbs and then cap rey.. we were sitting beside cap rey....

james yap was stretching on the other side then when he came in the bench we waved to us and smiled he was tipped when he was waving.... we giggled ^_^

after their prctice kuya kerby passed by then ate al approached him she said kerby si dian taga la union.. then he said ah tlga ikaw un??! he was shocked and surprised... eh andun ka ba nung game?? i said ala po eh and2 po ako nag-aaral.. he said oo nga eh sbi nga nila... then he said kamukha mo ate ako.. then i said si ate ruby.. kilala nya po ako... then we had our pix then i said to him i recved the shirt yesterday thank you then he said next time jersey nmn i said to him mrn na po ung tj hotdogs then he smiled... then he said cge ha maliligo muna ako...

then ate al approached all the players and introducing me to them saying im from la union its my first time and im just 17 years old and all them were shocked bec i am so tall =P when we approached james yap he was just like tangkad mo ah and then chinese ka ba.. he even spoke fokein to me and i replied with the same language.. ^_^
(u know that guy over there<== ang kulit nya sobra.. ininterview pa kmi cnu daw fav player nmn at bkt hahaha.. he is so funny =P)

waaaaa we waited for peter june to finish his prctice in shooting then ate al told him pj papix and he said teka lng ha punas lng ako... then we waited while waiting i had pix with other players.. then he approached us and he said... pwede na ^_^ i was so kilig tlga hahaha...

paul artadi.. when we approached him he was like pasenxa na ha nagmamadali ako.. then ate al introduced me.. he said tangkad muh... its my 2nd time to see him.. i saw him in greenbelt with his gf ^_^

marc pingris was the last one.. we waited for him to finish his meal....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

maybe its too late to tell u bout what happened during my birthday but still i want to tell what i feel...

my mother went here to manila just to accompny me this special day for me... my mother woke me up and prepared the cake tht joy gave to me... my mother sang happy birthday to me and it was very touching, i was into tears when she was singing... then we went to divisoria and just hang-out hehehe:P

i received many greetings but despite all this here is still lacking, empty.. maybe i just miss my whole family and friends whom i have celebrated my birthday with them during the past 17 years.... i didnt recved any gifts from my present clssmates.. just envy my classmates who recved cards containing messages from all my blockates... honestly i want that but unfortunately i didnt recved one..

then the person's whom i expected to greet me didn't greet me... i was like my heart was torn into pieces.... maybe this is the sadest birthday ever...

i attended my practice, my teamates greeted me happily and teasing me "where's the treat???" i just replied smiles to them... kuya ge had a mini gathering for his lola at Solomon's everybody in the team was inivted, i said i will pass because i didn't finished the essay for my filkomu but then i went there and dropped by because it was just near here my pad... i enjoyed their company.. im starting to bond with them and i think it is a good sign ^_^

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Years passed by not knowing you,
Suddenly you came into my life
Made me a total person who knows how to smile and laugh,
Became close and turned to best friends.

There is a time when I realized that I
feel something special for you
Don't know what it is
Started thinking 'bout you.

I know that you kinda notice it
But i just ignored it.
Sometimes I want to tell you the truth
But i am afriad that things will change.

I've been hurt many times,
Sometimes I cried because my heart can't bare the pain anymore.
There was a time that I just want to give up
And think that being just friends is the best way.

Suddenly an incident happned
We were starting to fall apart
I don't know why
Don't know hot to approach you again and
bring back the old times.....

Thank God that the problem was solved
"Cause I don't want to loose you.
You became a part of my life,
I just hope that you'll never forget me, friend.

Its been a while
When I said you should stop
I know I've hurt you
But I just did what I think is right

Sorry for it took me some time,
I just needed courage
To tell you this,
Just understand me and move on.

I didn't fool you vene from the start
Believe me, I showed the real me.
I don't want to force myself
'Cuz I know we will not be happy.

Don't be mad at me,
I just don;t know hot to.....
We could be friends
If you want to.

Monday, October 09, 2006

ate julie, tags, jaime and mojako

kuya franz, achi julie, kuya ge, kuya rj and kuya aldo

kuya ge in blue

kuya franz in blue

kuya rj in white

Friday, October 06, 2006

Last October 04, 2006 we had our annual Pep Rally where in the athletes of the school will parade in the whole school and be presented to the students.... it was just like a fiesta where in our Pep Squad played the drums cheering Go La Salle!!! Go Go La Salle.... it was so hot there and my feet got sun burn.. there was a mark of my slippers and now i have an instant slippers.. hehehe....

here's a pic from our Pep Rally with my fellow Judokas:

u know what i am now close with my teammates because of the bonding we had in ateneo... ei we have an upcoming game in MAPUA this sunday.. i hope that we could get the Gold and bring home the bacon =P

Monday, October 02, 2006

just finished practicing my techinique in judo... geese my shoulder (left) is hurt.. if i move it im hurt... huhuhu... we had randori and guess what i fought with sir sam our coach.. i used osoto gari (my technique) and i let him fall 2 time luckily hahaha.... but the with my 2nd osoto with him i hurted my shoulder, i know it's is my fault because i didnt take care of myself.. my teammates said it's normal if u fought with sir sam... waaaa i always get injured hmp!!! well that life in judo.. you'll never learn unless u will get hurt or something......

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